Officials raise questions about Vedic City

The Fairfield Ledger/November 14, 2000
By Beth Dalbey

While neither the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors nor the Fairfield City Council is taking a position in support or opposition to a petition for a new city north of Fairfield, officials do have questions about financial viability and other issues.

City and county officials have raised questions about the financial viability of the proposed new city, but neither governing body will take a stand for or against Vedic City when the petition for incorporation is considered this week.

The state City Development Board will conduct a public hearing on the proposal for incorporation of Vedic City at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the home of Robert and Maureen Wynne, 1973 Grand Drive.

The proposal is for the incorporation of 654 acres of land within the Maharishi Center for Perfect Health and World Peace mandala project. The petitioners for the new city say the area approved as a rural subdivision in 1992 has grown to the point that developers now need the availability of traditional municipal finance tools for development to continue.

Tom Makeig, attorney for the petitioners, said the blessings of both the Fairfield City Council and Jefferson County Board of Supervisors would have been "a nice additional gesture of support, but it in no way is required or affects the merits" of the petition.

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