Maharishi says

Quotes from the TM Bulletin made by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the leader and founder of Transcendental Meditation often called TM

"Damn the democracy, which is on the basis of popular will, vote. It is not based on knowledge, it is based on number. When it is based on number, one can create a hell, they are creating hell. See what hell have been created in America and England and Germany. On one side they follow a religion, which says, 'Don't do sin and sin and sin,' and the very policy of administration is sinful."

"Monarchy has been rejected; democracy is bankrupt, it divides the nation; dictatorship can be one man's fanaticism; communism has failed; and as for capitalism, look at the USA, see the state of democracy. Democracy is damned--they end up in the courts."

"Sanctions of America and Germany are a shame. I tell the leaders: Be wiser or abdicate!"

"Before Hitler we heard of Alexander the Great. Now Great Britain tries to be the Alexander the Great, they are all going to drown in the Channel."

"That man-made constitution, that system of self rule called democracy, damn the democracy. They say the Minister is in the cabinet, he has no time to meditate. What does he do in the cabinet? He does opposition."

"If your religion tells you to be a devil, then I would advise you to be a devil, but enjoy life, enjoy life."

"All those countries who are earning their livelihood by selling arms, Natural Law will take care of all that. Time is different now, they will not be able to save themselves from the fury about the sin they are committing. On one side they come with free trade on the other side they come with sanctions, it is stupidity. I had to say all this to make clear the policy of the Global Country of World Peace."

Statements from the TM Bulletin

"The ways of the world have been very inadequate for the dignity of life on earth. Now, the dignity of man is going to be raised to the cosmic level. This is our program for the whole future; we are aiming at that sovereignty, that divinity that is the Will of God. So, this is what we'll do, it is the rise of unifying principles through education, this will motivate the creation of leaders in each country, of an ideal character and quality, not like the monsters or dragons of destruction, as Maharishi called them, who dominate in nations today, rather with the unifying principals, ideal character and quality of government, where the self-referral will no longer just be on the transcendental level, but where the governments and President, every leader of every nation, and all the citizens of every nation will experience the whole objective reality, the whole creation, as self-referral, as the wave of their own unity consciousness."

"We have done Puja to Guru Dev with a new light. Without total Natural Law there will not be peace. The world is going to survive. This is a return of Vedic principles in all the different fields. Whatever time it takes for the government of Nader Ram. It does not matter who governs a country. What matters is: the people are happy have no problems, they don't make mistakes. Be an honorable member of the Global Country of World Peace, not to win recognition. The Global Country is prepared to give support to any country and if you oppose this you will see your day after tonight."

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