Vedic City gets Rebuild Iowa grant for environmental projects

Funds will pay a consultant, who will be available to Fairfield as well.

The Fairfield Ledger/February 19, 2003
By Matt Mullenneaux,

Vedic City joins six other communities as recipients of Rebuild Iowa funding. Vedic City's grant application was confirmed by the Environmental Protection Commission and is expected to include $29,000 for six months salary, according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The city applied for the Rebuild Iowa grant in October, and is still in the process of negotiating the contract. City officials expect to have signed a grant contract by next week. The grant funds the salary of one full-time consultant to assist the city in incorporating energy saving techniques in rebuilding water systems or other municipalities to be more environmentally friendly.

Rebuild Iowa was started by the United States Department of Energy. Iowa's program started in 1997, sponsored by the DNR and the Iowa Energy Bank. Other Rebuild Iowa recipients include Muscatine, Centerville, Cedar Valley, and Hamilton, Polk and Winnebago and Worth counties.

"In essence, we are joining other cities in Iowa on conservation in their communities," said Kent Boyum, chosen to serve as the city's Rebuild Iowa director. "It's an act of promoting sustainable living and sustainable building."

The consultant might assist the city to incorporate solar and wind energy, or gain access to rebates from utility companies, Boyum said. Boyum will research and coordinate energy saving technology into new construction at Vedic City, as well as for older buildings on the Maharishi University of Management campus in Fairfield.

Mayor Bob Wynne praised Boyum's efforts, stating the program will help the city's growth.

"We want to start rebuilding Iowa right away," Wynne said. "It will be a great boost in assisting the growth of the city."

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