Transcendental Meditation

"I feel that the whole TM thing is something Maharishi invented. At first for the Hindus, but when he could not sell it to them, he sold it in the West. I was one of his customers. A friend talked me into it. But I always thought there was something funny about it. After ten years I could not live with the inner conflicts. Reading articles on the Internet has been helpful. I bought and memorized one of those so-called secret mantras. Selling spiritual information seems terrible. I don't think I will be trapped again in something stupid like this."

"I just ran across your site and I am glad you are keeping an eye on Maharishi. I was part of his organization from the late 60's until the late 70's. I learned the 'Sidhi' program, lots of advanced techniques as well as the 'special techniques.' When the 'Sidhi' program came along, I began to seriously question the motivation and ethics of the whole organization."


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