'Cult' set to serve Olympic masses

The Courier-Mail, September 5, 2000

A fundamentalist cult will provide catering at Sydney 2000 Olympic equestrian events. This is even though it was banned in Britain after distributing anti-Semitic literature.

It was reported on 4 September 2000 that the leader of the Twelve Tribes, also known as the Messianic Communities, is American Elbert Spriggs.

Spriggs supports black slavery, racial segregation, describes Jews as murderers, and uses passages from the Bible to justify beating children with rods.

The cult has a significant money-making arm around the world, which includes such ventures as candle-making, painting, plumbing and the catering business that will serve at the Games venue, The Common Ground Cafe.

Australian Jewish groups are outraged that the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games and its caterer, Eurest Australia, know little about the cult's background.

SOCOG says action will be taken against the group if it distributes literature at any events.

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