Quotes From The "apostle"

Words of Wisdom from the Prophet Yoneq, AKA former carnival barker Elbert Eugene Spriggs

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Did You Know?

(The following quotes have all come from the teachings of Elbert Eugene Spriggs, the "apostle" of Messianic Communities. These quotes, and many others like them, were found while reading through some doctrinal or Biblical point that Spriggs was attempting to make. They are included not to demean Mr. Spriggs, but rather to demonstrate the sometimes bizarre twists and turns his teachings would take. They also evidence a depth of control that tends to be totalistic.)

    • "If the person in the nations wants to have life in the ages to come (already having been doomed to die because of Adam's sin), if he wants to live and not die the second time, then when he saw the rainbow in the sky he would have to see it and wonder why it was there and somehow relate it to the creator. If a person does not do that, you would see it in his character that he would not love his fellow man either. All these things work together." Paris, 3/91, p.15.


    • "Do not just listen to the word and deceive yourself, but do what it says. We look into the mirror to see what is wrong with us, not to see how beautiful we are. If we see something hanging out our nose and don't clean it, we will shame our Master's name. We take care of what is wrong; we don't walk away." Desire, 8/91, pp.5-6.


    • "When parental authority is rebelled against, it opens the door to come against all constituted authority. Honoring those who are over you, those who are honorable (especially parents) releases a special hormone from your brain, permeating your body, that gives long life. If you don't do this that hormone dries up and your bones dry up. The disobedient don't live long. The life span of a homosexual is about 40 years. This is not because of AIDS. They die of a bad conscience." Ibid, p.7.


    • "Is air-conditioning necessary? We have to be able to make a judgement. Is the Holy of Holies air conditioned? We will do many things to keep us in the comfort zone. You will acclimate yourself to a hot climate if you face it without an air conditioner. Your flesh will always be screaming for the comfort zone when you begin sleeping night after night with an air conditioner blowing on you. Many sicknesses are a result of our rooms full of positive ions when all the windows are shut. Breathing the same air continually is deadly." Ibid, p.11.


    • "Are we making choices that will ruin our children? We can misuse things: air conditioners, etc. If we have an air conditioner and we don't know when to turn it on and when to keep it off, we'll destroy our children. We'll never see the third generation. We need to train our children in everything, even in the use of toilet paper." Ibid, p.13.


    • "We could be guilty of 2nd or 3rd degree murder if we cook vegetables that shouldn't be. Beets don't have to be cooked, but just cut up small. Millet does need to be cooked however. We should eat the whole apple to get the B-17 from the seeds. Chew them up well. It is impossible to get cancer with B-17. We must CHEW OUR FOOD PROPERLY." Cook's Meeting and Food, 7/10/91, p.1.


    • "You don't get the full effect of a carrot if you don't juice it. You have to chew it real good. Juice is concentrated. We heard about Lebanah's grandfather who was in a concentration camp in the war. All they gave them was a half slice of bread and water each day. He would chew on his bread for half of the day. All the other people gobbled it down. They all died of starvation. He is still alive today." Ibid, p.5.


    • "No cheese. Throw that hard cheese out. We don't eat it. You can't get a good Jew to eat it. It's bad for your system. You have to get something else to compensate for it because it constipates you. Old hard cheeses are no good for you." Ibid, p.6.


    • "We are never commanded to have short hair or long hair, but whatever is priestly... It is never too long or too short but only like the hair of those who have heard from Yahweh of Host (sic) about the hair. Those who are apostles, prophets...No one else should do anything but look like either Baptists, white-collar crooks, extortioners, or just plain Gentiles (Eph 4:17), or hippies or slobs." Hair, Letter to Arthur, Eddie, Bob, Stephen, undated, p.2.


    • "IONS - in the air we breathe. When you sleep in a room where all the windows are closed, you are a murderer. You are killing your family. You need air all the time because of synthesis - even in a car. ...Make sure you let air into your rooms. Make sure you get ions. Synthetic clothing on your baby causes negative ions to be passed on to them." Yoneq, 11/29/88, p.1.


    • "(Last night when I woke up I was marveling at how our Father made us. When we exhale the warm air rises so quickly that we can't breathe it back in. That is, if we have fresh air in the room. Breathing the same air at night ages us and we'll die. We can't breathe our own air.)" Our Children - Island Pond Teaching - Yoneq, 1/23/90, p.5.


    • "They know this. Even their bowel movements. We cover them up in the woods because our Father walks out there, Gen. 3:8 (Fallen man just leaves there for someone to step in). Reverence and respect for other human beings, since they are made in the image of God, will decide whether someone should enter the nations." Masturbation, 10/10/89, p.2.


On the More Serious Side

    • "It is easy to see how true believers are scorned by the heathen. But it is also notable how the Christian church called Christianity is no longer scorned by the heathen but accepted as one of them. Could it be that this is because they are no different from the rest of the world system?...All the world needs is one more 'Christian'. One more would make 1 Billion and one. And he would be of no more consequential effect than the Billion today are making to overthrow Satan's throne. All Christianity is leveled and lukewarm. All Christianity is nicely conformed to this world's evil system. The word Christian has come to mean 'an adherent of Christ', but what a joke." The Disciple Part I (Teaching) undated.


    • "The things I want to speak to you about are things that have been misunderstood for at least 1900 years. That is because the Bible is written in a way that assumes you already know what it is talking about...But for 1900 years it has been misunderstood. The Apostles back then would travel from village to village, from house to house and teach these things verbally. and (sic) then they would write a letter and confirm some things they had already spoken about -- they did not explain it all again in the letters because it was understood. But this understanding has been lost. People in Christianity do not have it. Peter said that in his letters some things are hard to understand by the untaught -- they have been taught by the wrong people." Elbert Spriggs, More On The First And Second Death, 11/19/89, p.2


    • "These Freepapers are eternal life - the Word of God...How much time do you think you can devote to this paper every day with your busy schedule...? 20 seconds? Maybe some people could build up to a minute a day - that's 60 seconds...See if you can and watch what happens to your life! I'm saying this because some people don't read it at all, then they claim to have eternal life - Impossible!"
      "...I'm talking about this because I want you to know how great a sin it is if you don't read them yourself. Don't even imagine you are saved and have eternal life..." Elbert Eugene Spriggs, Messianic Communities


    • "We are the light and hope of the world. We are the only ones who can reclaim this earth for its Maker. We are the only ones whose lives of love and pure devotion, like a bride for her groom, can bring heaven to earth. All other attempts to do so are not merely futile, they are evil." Elbert Eugene Spriggs, Messianic Communities


    • "Reasoning is in us, the only way to be done with it is by confession...All servants of God must be delivered from a life of reason. Reason is the first thought of rebellion in word or thought. Many are enslaved by a spirit of reason - They will only come when they are called and go where sent, when it seems right to them...Satan can only be bound when there is a people who don't utter slanderous words against authority...to cease from reason asks for the very life of our flesh. Our flesh must die. Satan is the father of reason. 2 classes of believers:
        1. those who live by reason

        1. those who live by authority." Reasoning, Elbert Eugene Spriggs


  • "When God commands us, if we stop to consider the matter to see if there is sufficient reason for us to do it, then we are still living according to the flesh. If the Elders say, 'you need to move to...' and you say, 'what is the reason for that? I'm doing fine here,' etc., no matter how good you may do in the flesh, you cannot go past that rebellion." Reasoning, Elbert Eugene Spriggs

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