Parents investigated regarding dead child

Humanity Press/April 7, 1997

The parents of Raphael (19 months, died in the commune of Angous, Atlantic-Pyrenees) who live on a farm (Apostolic Order, Tabitha's Place) were investigated by the prosecutor at Pau. The father Michel Ginhoux, 36 years old and his wife Dagmar 34 years old, German nationality, both members of the commune, considered a cult [now known as the "Twelve Tribes], were both interrogated for depriving a minor child, aiding in the death of the child and endangered and not aiding a child.

Their other two children were taken away and placed with their grandmother in Loire.

According to the prosecutor, the baby suffered from rickets. He only weighed 10 pounds, 75 centimeters long, being half of the normal weight for his age. The little boy also suffered from a congenital heart disease which was not operated on (after autopsy). The child had only two doctor's visits in Germany.

The Apostolic Order present in the US, Canada, Brazil and France - (in the Atlantic Pyrenees) do not believe in any medical treatment whatsoever including vaccinations. About 100 adults live in the castle of Sus. "Our goal is to make them responsible and rebaptized by the brother Haggai. They were given to us by God and we do not trust anyone with them." The children are considered the "power of God". They do not attend school, play with toys which is considered an object of Satan. They are. submitted to strict discipline and bodily punishments. This order is part of an "apocalyptic cult." It would not be surprising if mass suicides would occur in the future. The cult has been visited many times by the French police.

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