Yellow Deli Is Spinning Its Web Again

Chattanoogan/May 7, 2008

So the Yellow Deli is back in business. Somehow I am not surprised.

Cults always seem to come back around for a second helping. However, Chattanoogans must remember that this group has a history of abuse of members, isolation of members from their families, taking advantage of lonely young people and the communalization of members’ wealth as they surrender their assets to be controlled by the group.

So should anyone be surprised that they have opened their store near UTC?

Here is a place where there are lots of non-religious individuals.

Here is a place where people are lonely and searching for meaning.

The only thing students will find in the comfortable surroundings, good food and nice study atmosphere is a web. Just like a spider hides its web from insects venturing by so the Yellow Deli looks to catch unwary individuals and suck them in.

The history of this group and their teachings include that black slaves were being punished because of the curse of Ham in the Bible. They believe Jews are doubly cursed. When dealing with stubborn children they taught, "No other discipline will conquer except the rod. Any other approach that avoids physical pain is useless."

Several parents in Chattanooga were cut off from their children who had joined this cult. Some had to go to extreme measures to rescue their misguided youth from this group that tried to thwart their efforts at every turn.

I for one am not welcoming this cult back to Chattanooga. We have done just fine without them for 20 years. Research the "Twelve Tribes" (the real name and teachings of this group) for yourself and see the history.

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