"These people are pure evil and hide behind the religious banner..."

October 19, 2009

I wanted to write a brief update on "Twelve Tribes." My story is absolutely true, gut wrenching and thankfully has a happy ending.

My ex-wife and I were going through a divorce in 2006. She had depression issues most of her life. After the birth of our son she continued to get worse.

As our marriage fell apart she became more and more involved with a group of people called Twelve Tribes.

I could tell she was getting coached in certain ways and she sought full custody of our Son. When some of the tactics she was using, which I believe were provided by them backfired, she took my son and left around Christmas 2006.

She would call every now and then using calling cards, which could only be traced back to the calling card company, or some hideout that had the number blocked. By the time Ihad the call traced by professionals she had already moved.

Around the end of August 2008 I received a phone call. This time she mistakenly called without blocking the number. I immediately had the call traced and it came back as the Twelve Tribes community in Asheville, North Carolina.

By this time I had enlisted the help of her parents and sisters, who went with me to court to get an emergency order, which allowed me to have full custody of my son.

We went to Asheville and were able to get the court to sign off on our out of state order. The court also ordered the sheriff's department to go and take custody of my Son.

Apparently the Twelve Tribes has numerous residences in Asheville. The first house we went to they at first denied even knowing my ex-wife or ever seeing my son.

A large 6'7" officer persuaded one Twelve Tribes member to try and remember as he pointed other houses on the property.

After the officers politely requested that the gentlemen not call and tell them we were on our way we went to the other residence.

When we showed up the leader of the local group met the officers at the bottom of the property and reviewed the documentation.

I saw my ex-wife taking my Son out of the side of one of the houses.

I informed the officer, who with two other officers ran and took custody of my son.

We then left the property.

By this time some of the other Twelve Tribes members were gathering around giving us threatening looks and verbal threats.

My Son was in bad shape when we got him. There were cuts on his back from what appeared to be a rod. Later I learned they use wooden rods to discipline the children.

Of course we had a follow-up hearing back in Atlanta, Georgia. My ex-wife arrived with what appeared to be a lawyer from the group and a few other Twelve Tribes members.

After twice being told not to speak during the hearing, they kept interrupting and later walked out in disgust.

The judge ruled to extend my custody. No one from Twelve Tribes showed up for the final court date and my ex-wife's and I parents now share custody.

We were able to get my ex-wife back. Some people found her wondering in the woods, after what appeared to be a falling out from the group. They wanted her to decide between her child and Twelve Tribes. They had her so brainwashed. I am happy someone found her and she is now getting the help she needs and is becoming a positive force in our son's life.

I can tell you that during the time she kidnapped my son she was being helped by Twelve Tribes. She has since told me that she was staying with people in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida and North Carolina. They basically have an underground network and I thank God every day we found them before they left the country.

My Son is now only 7. He was 4 at the time this all happened and I amthankful that he doesn't remember the group.

These people are pure evil and hide behind the religious banner, which they wave straight in the face of judges, lawyer and even cops.

I have read other accounts on this Web site and want to thank you for the information. It was incredibly important in the case and also helped me to understand what I was dealing with.

Copyright © 2009 Rick Ross

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