Rebakah Lawrence 'wanted baby' before naked death leap

The Daily Telegraph/August 13, 2009

Yelling at a partner to "practise assertiveness," pummelling a gym mattress to release pent-up emotion, visualising forgiving enemies and "nurturing the inner child".

These were among the activities Rebekah Lawrence took part in during her four days at The Turning Point self-development course, an inquest into her death was told.

The 34-year-old became "teary and upset" after the inner child session, which encouraged participants to regress to their childhood and remember things they had forgotten, Glebe Coroner's Court heard yesterday.

But teachers and support staff at the course, run by People Knowhow at Cremorne, said they weren't concerned by her emotional reaction.

Support volunteer Franco Vittozzi said he noticed Ms Lawrence crying after the "intense" session on the third day and went to speak to her.

"I supported her in feeling what she was feeling," he said.

Mr Vittozzi said the course was a "pressure cooker" and crying, laughing and anger were normal responses.

Like the course founders Richard Arthur and Geoff Kabealo, Mr Vittozzi conceded he didn't have the necessary academic qualifications to detect the onset of psychosis in participants.

Two days after completing The Turning Point in December 2005, Ms Lawrence leapt naked from her city office window in a "psychotic" state.

The inquest is examining if the course contributed to the normally shy, modest and polite personal assistant's state of mind when she died.

Another support worker Susan Young said Ms Lawrence was also crying and sitting alone after a session on the last day of the course.

She said Ms Lawrence told her she "realised . . . she didn't need to spend her time filling up her life with social engagements and that what she really wanted was to be a mum".

She said Ms Lawrence confided that her husband did not want another child.

Paramedic Greg Price said Ms Lawrence was naked and standing in front of a large open window when he arrived at the Macquarie St office.

He said she swore and screamed at him to "get out" when he approached her, so he retreated and waited for his partner to prepare a sedative. He said he heard Ms Lawrence "passionately" call out her husband's name before jumping feet first out the window.

"She said, 'I love you David, I love you David'," he said.

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