Amdi can handle jail claim

Copenhagen Post/August 30, 2002

In a new book detailing his own experiences throughout 18 years in the Tvind (Humana) organisation, former Tvind teacher Hans la Cour has rejected rumours that controversial Tvind-leader Mogens Amdi Pedersen has significantly aged or weakened as a result of his incarceration in the United States, whilst awaiting extradition to Denmark.

According to la Cour, the Tvind leader is tough enough to handle a prison sentence, and the organisation will continue to function intact even if he and other top-ranking Tvind personnel are forced to spend time behind bars after the trial currently in progress.

According to Hans la Cour, Amdi Pedersen is likely betting that his pending extradition to Denmark will work in his favour, as living conditions behind bars are more desirable for him in Denmark than in the United States.

Hans la Cour believes Amdi Pedersen could even be released on bail for the duration of a Danish trial.

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