Tvind boss emigrates to England

Jyllands-Posten, Denmark/June 3, 2001
By Orla Borg

Tvind kingpin, Mogens Amdi Petersen, along with two other Tvind leaders has very recently moved to an unknown address in Great Britain. (A) tax expert believes that the Tvind head is fleeing possible punishment from current legal proceedings regarding tax fraud and abuse of trust.

A few days ago, Tvind leader, Mogens Amdi Petersen officially emigrated from Denmark.

On May 25th of this year, the population registry in the borough of Ulfborg-Vemb officially received notice that Mogens Amdi Petersen was travelling to Great Britain for the purpose of emigrating. No address in Great Britain was given.

At the same time, two female Tvind leaders, Marlene Gunst and Ruth Sejeroe Olsen also emigrated to Great Britain- also without leaving their new addresses.

The two women are on the boards of up to eight different Tvind companies registered with the Erhvervs- og Selskabsstyrelsen (The Business and Corporation Authority) And they played leading roles in the 1998 Tvind operation: "Close the schools and reopen them" which took place when the Ministry of Education carried out investigations into the school commonwealth's activities).

The emigrations come at a time when the Bagmandspolitiet (special police unit) has laid preliminary charges against 4 Tvind leaders for tax fraud and abuse of trust. The police believes that Tvind has attempted to misappropriate 75 million DKR from a so-called humanitarian fund by giving the money to Tvind itself as opposed to (donating it to) humanitarian, environmental and scientific purposes. Of the three emigrants, only Mogens Amdi Petersen has charges pending against him.

Tax lawyer Tommy V. Christiansen, based in Aarhus, has been following the case from the sidelines (and) says:

"In my view, there is no doubt that the Tvind members are emigrating to Britain (because) there is less chance that they will face charges there."

In Britain, abuse of trust cannot be punished, and tax fraud legislation is less strict than here. For that reason several corporate criminals have sought refuge in that country. Also, extradition cases tend to drag on for long periods of time, as was the case in the case against the businessman Jan Bonde Nielsen.

Poul Joergensen, the only person officially speaking about Tvind's affairs, refuses to answer questions as to why the three leaders are emigrating.

"I cannot provide any explanation as to why they no longer wish to remain in Denmark. You will have to ask them (that question) yourself", says Poul Joergensen who also refuses to provide any contact with the three emigrants. He denies (claims that) more Tvind board members are planning to emigrate.

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