Church of Bible Understanding Visitor Comments

"This brings back many memories of the days I was a COBU member from 1974-1978. I was fortunate indeed. I was only involved for a short period of time and pretty much maintained a normal family life. I was 14 and recruited by my sister who joined the group at age 16. My dad also joined. We attended Big Meetings and attended the Clay Street Fellowship house in a very run-down section of Hartford Connecticut. My Dad even bought the church/cult a van. I attended big meetings in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Allentown, Harrisburg and King of Prussia Pennsylvania. I'm sure I forgot a few places. We though were introduced early on in our spiritual walk to a normal church setting. And started going there while still at COBU somewhat. How we all got out is the Church left our area to go and concentrate its efforts in New York City. They just left us. When I look back, what a blessing that was. We did not loose our family to Stewart's creepy ideas."

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