After Promising Miracle 'Three Minute' Cure For Depression, Religious Sect In Malta Says It Might Have Exaggerated A Bit

The Commissioner for Mental Health has urged people to seek help from 'professionals who are licensed and regulated by law'

Lovin Malta/February 21, 2019

By Johnathan Cilia

A religious sect that is operating in Malta and promised to cure your depression within minutes has backtracked on its claims after coming under public fire and being investigated by Maltese authorities.

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, an Evangelical church founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1977 by bishop Edir Macedo, has garnered a controversial reputation through its questionable tactics to attract and retain new members.

Having expanded to Malta, many people found fliers attached to their cars last week promising a quick cure for depression.

The Malta branch of Universal Church of the Kingdom of God has since uploaded a newly re-worded flier.

It had originally stated the following: "Be free from depression in three minutes. Without medicine, without hospitalisation and free of charge. There is a cure for depression! Try it!"

But a newly uploaded flier now states:

"What if your new life could start in three minutes? You too could be fulfilled! Try it!

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