"Mixed Emotions"

May 31, 1999
By a graduate of the UPC Bible College at Stockton, CA

I viewed your page on the UPCI with mixed emotions. I particularly appreciated the letter from Robert Sabin and the Article about Anthony Mangun. Having been raised in the UPC as well as a graduate of a UPC Bible College I am well aquatinted with many of the ministers and views within the organization.

I read some of the articles about controlling pastors, and my heart goes out to those who have been damaged by these weak and insecure individuals, however I have found that this was not the norm. (Although with the departure of many of the great men in the organization the proportion may now be higher). Most of the pastors that I have been aquatinted with would never stand in the place of judgment as to another's salvation, there are some however who feel the need to demand that others live according to there interpretation of Scripture. Also on the topic of the Oneness you will find a difference of opinion among ministers as to how it is to be understood. While David Bernard may be the official word on the Oneness doctrine, I have found that many others within the Organization do not follow his understanding.

It was during my time at Bible College that the resolution that Brother Sabin refers to was passed. I made a decision at that time that I could never sign such a statement and after graduation left the UPC. While I would never attend the UPC church in my local area I would not hesitate to attend a number of the churches within that organization. In your assessment of an organization that is heading in the wrong direction I appreciate the balanced view that you have given on your site.

A message was preached at a ministers conference (Landmark, Christian Life Center, Stockton California in 1994 I believe) By Loren Yadon called "The Tragedies of War" in which he calls on the ministers to reject the resolution that had been passed the Previous October. Loren Yadon left the UPC latter that year after being fired from the college, which he had taught at for several years. Loren is well known in the organization. He was once the administrative assistant for T.F.Tenney and remains good friends with Anthony Mangun as well as many other prominent men in the UPC.

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