Last Letters from David

Time Magazine/May 3, 1993
By Shelly Katz - Black Star for Time

In two of Koresh's final writings, the text of which TIME has obtained, the cult leader spoke in a ranting voice of God:

April 10: I OFFER TO YOU MY WISDOM, I OFFER TO YOU MY sealed secrets. How date you turn away. My invitations of mercy…Who are you fighting against? The law is Mine, the Truth is Mine…I AM you God and you will bow under my feet…I AM you life & your death. I AM the Spirit of the prophets and the Author of their testimonies. Look and see, you fools, you will not proceed much further. Do you think you have power to stop My will?…My seven thunders are to be revealed…Do you want me to laugh at your pending torments? Do you want Me to pull the heavens back and show you My anger?!…Fear Me, for I have you in My snare…I forewarn you, the Lake Waco area of Old Mount Carmel will be terribly shaken. The waters of the lake will be emptied through the broken dam.

April 11: My hand made heaven and earth. My hand also shall bring it to the end…Your sins are more than you can bear. Show mercy and kindness and you shall receive [sic] mercy and kindness…You have a chance to learn My Salvation. Do not find yourselves to be fighting against Me…Please listen and show mercy and learn of the marriage of the Lamb. Why will you be lost? [signed] Yahweh Koresh

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