Claimants to Davidian land back in court arguing ownership

AP, June 16, 2000

(Waco-AP) -- Relatives of Branch Davidians seeking title to the site of their Mount Carmel complex have returned to court a month after jurors failed to decide the issue.

The complex was where sect members held law officers in a deadly standoff for 51 days in 1993.

State District Judge Alan Mayfield heard opposing ownership arguments on Thursday.

The battle is between the surviving followers of David Koresh; a follower of Lois Roden, from whom Koresh inherited control of the Branch Davidians, and thewidow of late Davidian leader George Roden.

Lois Roden follower Douglas Mitchell asked Maybield to uphold a May Fifth jury verdict denying that Koreh's followers nor George Roden's widow, Amo Roden, are legitimate church trustees.

But the others seek to overturn the verdict.

The only matter all three parties agreed on is that Mount Carmel belongs to the Branch Davidian church. It's where Koresh and some 80 followers died in a standoff with the government.

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