FBI's Koresh Profile

Houston Post/October 16, 1993
By Steve Brunsman, Post Religion Reporter

FBI intelligence profile on David Koresh filed March 5

"…For years he (Koresh) has been brainwashing his followers for this battle (between his church and his enemies), and on Feb. 28, 1993, his prophecy came true."

"As of March 5, 1993, Koresh is still able to convince his followers that the end is near and, as he predicted, their enemies will surround them and kill them."

"In traditional hostage situations a strategy which has been successful has been negotiated coupled with ever increasing tactical presence. In this situation, however, it is believed this strategy, if carried to excess, could eventually be counterproductive and could result in loss of life."

"Every time his followers sense movement of tactical personnel Koresh validates his prophetic warnings that an attack is forthcoming and they are going to have to defend themselves. According to his teachings, if they die defending their faith, they will be saved."

Koresh's last published words

"Should we not eagerly ourselves be ready to accept this truth and come out of our closet and be revealed to the world as those who love Christ in truth and in righteousness(?)"

Note: See Koresh's final letters

Source: The Decoded Message of the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelations

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