Waco man wins land

Mercury (Australia)/August 11, 2002
By Michael McKenna

A former Australian government worker has won control of the Branch Davidian compound outside Waco, Texas, that was the scene of a 1993 stand-off with US authorities that ended in the deaths of 80 sect members.

Melbourne-born Davidian Clive Doyle, a former federal currency printer, learnt several weeks ago he had won the battle for the near desolate property he has lived on since the late 1960s.

Several factions within the now dwindling ranks of the sect, once headed by acclaimed "Messiah" David Koresh, had fought for three years through the courts for control of the 180ha property.

Mr Doyle, whose daughter died in a fire that broke out after US marshals stormed the compound, said the factions had dropped their suits for the property he had run and paid taxes on since 1994.

The 61-year-old, once a deputy to Koresh, who died in the fire, said he still preached every Saturday to a around 15 Davidians.

Mr Doyle was one of five adult Australians, with seven children, involved in the 51-day stand-off. Four of the Australians were killed.

Mr Doyle said he was waiting for another "prophet" to follow Koresh, in his lifetime.

"God will send another teacher," he said.

The sect's roots date back to the 1930s when disgruntled Seventh-day Adventists formed their own church.

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