Bonnie Haldeman

The Waco Tribune-Herald/February 23, 2003
By Michelle Hillen

Though not active in the Branch Davidian faith, Bonnie Haldeman still had a vested interest in the events at Mount Carmel 10 years ago. Her son, David Koresh, and several grandchildren were inside the compound.

A nurse from Chandler, a community near Tyler, Haldeman made several trips to Waco during the 51-day siege, and hired prominent Houston Attorney Dick DeGuerin to represent her son. When fire consumed the compound on April 19, Haldeman decried the FBI for bringing the standoff to the brink.

Now, 10 years later, still a nurse in Tyler, Haldeman, 58, says she no longer carries around bitterness or hate about the government, but still feels a profound sadness at all that she lost.

"I still believe in America and what we stand for and all that good stuff," she said. "But it left a big void in my life ... It's hard to live with every day missing your family and your son and being deprived of grandchildren, but life goes on."

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