Davidian Tragedy - Letter to Jo Ann Farrington

April 2, 1995
By Rick Ross

Dear Ms. Farrington:

This is in response to your letter dated March 21st. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my previous letter sent to Attorney General Janet Reno October 25, 1993.

When the ATF and FBI called me I felt it was my obligation to help. After deprogramming Davidians successfully and dealing with the group since 1988 it seemed that I could be helpful. It is sad that in the end of my role and input are not accurately reflected in government reports.

Looking back I would still have helped, even though I have been treated badly. It is a matter of personal integrity, of doing the right thing. It seems that the Justice Report on Waco, anticipated criticism of me being used as an expert and sought to minimize my role and cover up the details.

Ironically, Ms. Nancy Ammerman, author of a report on Waco and one of your sharpest critics, has a real credibility problem. She has no direct experience with the Davidians and is not a recognized cult expert. Though her report footnotes read like a "Who's Who" of cult apologists and advisory board members of cult front groups. She even recommended two as experts to the government in the future.

It is important to form a concise factual foundation of events at Waco for the future. In this way when similar situations occur those concerned will be better equipped to make informed decisions. Lives may count on it.

Again, thank you for your consideration.


Rick Ross

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