Waco Davidians, Branch Davidians and David Koresh Visitor Comments

"I lived in Waco until I was 21. My family has been there for many years. I lived only a couple of miles from there when it happened, the Koresh thing as I like to call it. Those people were sick...I won't even tell people I am from Waco anymore. And by the way it didn't even happen in Waco. Waco just happened to be the closest large city."

"My local video store rents several of the Waco conspiracy films for free, and I happened to pick one up the other night, and the FLIR portion of the film was devilishly convincing. Thank God for your web site, which just allowed me to research the real truth about that bit of so-called evidence."

"You probably hear this all the time, but I wanted to tell you that your site is absolutely amazing. I did want to tell you that I amazed at the amount of information you managed to compile on Waco."

"I am writing to commend you for the invaluable information that your site contains. I lost a friend in the Branch Davidian fire. For years after the fire I did everything that I could to avoid any information about it. The nightmares were relentless. I felt angry, confused, and guilty. I realize that I will never have the answers that matter most. Why did my friend get caught up in this thing? My friend was the last person you would ever expect to get involved with someone like Koresh. I guess this just goes to show the power of brainwashing. Again, my sincere thanks for your site."

"Excellent articles and pages about Waco. Thank you. Good to see literacy, balance, facts, information and commentary--seperated from rumors and various opinions. The well founded from the unfounded."

"I was amazed to learn about a 'Survivor's Memorial' event at the former Davidian Compound. I thought that past traumatic events and accompanying media coverage woke up Waco cult members to the odd reality of their lives. But some are embracing the past and martyring that lunatic pedophile Koresh. I guess if Jonestown wasn't enough to warn people from getting involved in cults, nothing ever will be. The agenda for the event included David Thibodeau's band. Amazing how intelligent people can let themselves be turned into tortured souls at the hands of a supposed savior."

"My husband and I visited Waco in the latter part of 2000 and have been intrigued ever since. I have just finished reading parts of your Web site concerning the Waco tragedy and I felt compelled to let you know that I feel you have done an excellent, informative and unbiased job. Many thanks for the informative Web site."

"[I] read the whole Waco section...It was so nice to see a complete factual piece on the matter, to dispel some of the myths surrounding the Waco fiasco".

"Thank you for your web site. It was one of two major things that opened my eyes and cleared my confusion about a leader I was involved with. This man, with a few major differerences, taught me almost verbatim much of what [Vernon] Howell [aka David Koresh] taught. I almost choked when I found your Branch Davidian pages.After the initial shock of seeing the things I was taught and went through repeated on these pages, I feel liberated. I am now trying to become educated in cults and mind control to understand how this happened to me and how I can guard myself from ever letting it happen again.Thanks again for your web site." -- A recent visitor

"I would like to express my personal appreciation and gratitude for your efforts in compiling and presenting the 'Waco' site. This is probably the most factual and objective site or collection of information regarding the Branch Davidians that I have seen. As a retired ATF supervisory agent who was present in Waco prior to, during and subsequent to the Branch Davidian standoff, I feel that I am well acquainted with those events. Unfortunately criminal trials and civil litigation have limited the responses to the conspiracy theorists by many of those law enforcement officials who full well knew how dangerous a threat that David Koresh posed to the public. I feel that your site has to a large degree rectified this situation. Thank you again for your efforts."

"Thanks for your site and all the information on Waco. Very informative and complete. I had a very hard time finding bias."

"There have been terrible divisions opened in this country over fears about the abuse of federal power. While there is certainly some basis for those fears, the exploitation of those fears for political purposes has been unconscionable. Destructive cults like Vernon Howell's [a.k.a. David Koresh] Branch Davidians exist in part as a result of that stirring of fear. There are two answers: 1) continue to work for better oversight of federal law enforcement and 2) systematically refute the false or exaggerated claims made by cultists. You have done a wonderful job in simply presenting the facts in a comprehensive, dispassionate manner. Thank you for your service to your country."

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