The Strange Story Behind American Cult Leader David Koresh's Camaro: 'Armageddon's Relic'

Hot Cars/December 14, 2021

By Rob Charles

Here's what happened to the 1968 Chevy following the tragic events of 1993 in Waco, Texas.

Some cars become famous through the movies that they star in. Some because they’re rare, and they fetch eye-watering sums under an auction hammer. And some are famous because of their owners, like this one.

But this one’s different. It's previous owner does not have a huge fan-base. For this car was once owned by David Koresh. The infamous cult leader responsible for the deaths of over 70 of his followers and 4 DEA officers at a ranch in Waco, Texas, in 1993.

It’s a tragic moment in American history, and one that most people would prefer to forget. But one that is kept alive, amongst the motoring fraternity through this car; a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. It was this very car that was actually parked out in front of the Texas compound, during that fateful 51-day siege. Some believe that Koresh was planning to use it as his getaway car.

The car that was once owned by David Koresh is one of the first generation F-body cars. It’s the SS model with the front air dam, cowl induction hood, full-width ducktail spoiler and 9” rear. Koresh, who, according to an FBI special agent, apparently idolized this car, did some of his own customization work on it, in a workshop at the compound. Which included having the words “DAVIDES 427 GO GOD” inscribed on the mighty 500 bhp, 427 cubic inch V8 power block under the hood.

In its current state today, it has a set of custom bucket seats, a Grant GT sports steering wheel, a Hurst shifter and a set of Auto-Meter gauges. And coupled to the V8 is a Holley four-barrel carb, along with a Muncie M21 4 speed manual transmission. So, it's a car that carries some serious muscle.

What Happened To The ‘Armageddon Relic’?

Koresh’s beloved car sustained quite a bit of damage from armored law enforcement vehicles during the bloody siege in 1993. The police force had it moved to a local salvage yard in Waco, where vandals and thieves did even more damage to it.

The license plates, steering wheel, gearshift knob, power steering pump cap, stereo knobs and gas cap were all stolen. The dash was badly damaged by someone attempting to carve off the vehicle identification number. And the tail-lights were all broken. Both door panels and the front bumper were also found to be in a terrible state.

Eventually the Camaro, with sixty-six thousand miles on the clock, got liquidated to a wholesaler who sold it on to a local Auto Parts store owner. Then it went to a transmission center owner, who repaired some of the body damage and kept the car for 8 years.

Then in 2003, a Waco businessman named Darrell Makovy bought it for $25,000. After having the car repainted and replacing the tires, he put it up for auction with Dan Kruse Classics in Fredericksburg, in 2004. Reportedly hoping to get $80,000 for the car.

A Houston car dealer at the auction wasn’t impressed by it. He said “It’s kind of sick, buying a car owned by Koresh, it’s like buying a car owned by Hitler. When you think about who sat in the driver’s seat, it’s like Satan was there.”

Disappointingly for Darrell, the car only fetched $37,000. Bought as an investment by Donald Feldpausch of San Antonio, Texas. His plan was to put the car into storage and bring it out occasionally for parades. Which he did for the fourteen years that followed.

Then in 2018, it came up for sale again with Streetside classics in Phoenix. The sinister black Chevy Camaro was priced at $61,995. And Zak Bagans, the well-known owner of a horror museum in Las Vegas bought it. A man that collects lots of macabre items to amuse paranormal thrill-seekers with. It's reported that Bagans paid full price for the car.

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