Wesson Relative Speaks Out

ABC Action News/April 30, 2004

Someone you've never heard from in the Marcus Wesson murder case broke their silence, speaking for the first time since Wesson was charged with killing nine family members.

The defense in the Marcus Wesson case has indicated that they believe Wesson's daughter, Sebhrenah, may have fired the gun the day of the murders.

But, others in the family make it clear that they believe whatever happened that day, Wesson is responsible.

Now, we are learning why the nieces went to the house the day of the murders and who in the family will testify against Marcus Wesson.

Because of the deep division in the family, Action News is not revealing the identity of the close relative.

The relative says they may never get over the murders, "It doesn't go a day that I don't think about the children those seven kids and two nieces. I don't know how were going to get over this."

What we knew that day was that two women went to take their children away from Marcus Wesson.

Ruby Sanchez and Sofina Solorio are Elizabeth Wesson's nieces. They lived with the Wessons and have told police they endured years of sexual abuse. Both women ended up having children fathered by Marcus Wesson.

When as what about Marcus Wesson that enabled him to get into the life of the women girls, the relative responded, "You know, how the media talks about him ... they talk about him how articulate and how he's good with his words. Even back then, at that age or younger, he was the same way he had a way with words and persuading people to think or believe what he thought ... he's always been controlling with women and children. Not so much with men, but with them (the women), because he controlled them much easier, even to this day."

The relative says Wesson had many ways of control, "With religion, maybe threats, there could be a whole array of stuff he used towards these kids."

According to the close relative, once the nieces got away from Wesson, exposure to the outside world made them realize they didn't want their own children to grow up the way they did.

The relative explained what they thought led to the women wanting to get the children out, "I believe they knew how they were raised, what they've been through ... that it was time to get those kids, no matter what the cost would be, get those kids out of there."

Members of the Solorio family showed up that day to get the children out Sofina was inside the house and actually had seven-year-old Jonathan by the hand.

But, during the confrontation, the relative says her son got away, "There was an altercation inside the house ... that time when Sofina had little Jonathan's hands ... and when she was having an altercation with the nieces and the mother, she lost her little boys hand. She turned back and he was gone ... that was the last time she saw him alive."

The relative believes Marcus Wesson is responsible, "Whatever happened, I believe mr. Wesson was the cause of all this. And, it's not everybody else on trial, but Mr. Wesson on trial, for the things he trained these kids to do ... made them believe to do."

In response to what family members have said, that they believe Marcus Wesson taught the children how to kill themselves, the relative agreed, " It is true, that Marcus did make a deal with them ... or they made a deal all together ... as a pact, that if this is going to occur ... if someone was to come in and take the family ... that this is who you're going to shoot, this is how your going to shoot. However they were taught to kill each other, it would happen."

Since the murders, Wesson's family, including wife Elizabeth, daughter Kiani and niece Rosa Solorio have supported Wesson, denying there was ever any abuse, saying he was a good husband and father.

To their claims, the relative said, "They are either confused or in denial, because how can they sit and stand there in front of the camera, or even in court, saying they love their dad? They both got two dead kids that are buried right now. What does it take for somebody to wake up? What are they going to say when they asked them who's the father of your children? How are they going to respond to that?"

This close relative says the family is shattered and the Wesson and Solorio families are bitterly divided, "It's really sad. Not only do you lose nine family members, but then to lose brothers and sisters ... I mean I can't imagine how anybody can take that."

Despite the sadness and pain, we are told three of Wesson's nieces do plan to testify against him. The relative says the truth will be told, "And for three girls not to have their kids with them, because they are deceased, what are they going to lie for? There is nothing to lie about. The truth has got to be told. Yes, I believe justice will be done."

Tonight, Action News will continue the exclusive interview. And, the close relative will reveal what happened before the day of the murders.

We'll also hear how Wesson's relationship with this family goes back more than thirty years and learn what happened when this family tried to intervene before the day of the crime.

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