Wesson in Court

ABC Action News Channel 30/June 18, 2004

Wesson appeared in a county courtroom for a hearing on Thursday. The court proceeding was intended to certify transcripts and make corrections to the recorded transcripts.

The judge ordered the certification, and it's an indication he's preparing for a possible death penalty case.

Prosecutor Lisa Gamoian stopped short of saying she's going for the death penalty against accused killer Marcus Wesson.

Gamoian says she's still weighing all the factors, such as Marcus Wesson's prior convictions and other facts of the case.

Both sides submitted corrections to the record Thursday, but neither Gamoian, nor defense attorney Pete Jones, would talk about the corrections.

Marcus Wesson's murder case is moving quickly. Wesson won't waive his right to a speedy trial, but Jones says it's moving along, "We're doing everything we can, we're conducting our investigation, evaluating the evidence, doing everything we need to do."

Prosecutor Lisa Gamoian says she's moving forward as well, but she did say this case has been frustrating, because it's such a high profile case and under such scrutiny.

Gamoian says it's tough because she's not able to comment publicly about the case, while the defense and others are.

Both the prosecution and the defense agreed to the changes made to the transcripts Thursday, but will have another hearing in three weeks to make it official.

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