Relatives Of Accused Fresno Slayer May Be Called To Testify Against Him

Wife, Three Sons, Two Daughters, Niece Were Subpoenaed In Superior Court

Associated Press/June 22, 2004

Los Angeles -- Seven family members of the man accused of the worst mass murder in Fresno, Calif., history could be called to testify against him.

The wife of Marcus Wesson, three of his sons, two daughters and his niece were in Fresno Superior Court Monday so the prosecutor could subpoena them.

The 57-year-old Wesson is accused of murdering nine of his family members. He's also facing 14 counts of sexual abuse, including rape.

Wesson's trial is scheduled to begin on August 31. It was supposed to start Monday, but the attorney representing Wesson was granted a delay.

Wesson is due back in court late next month when jury selection and a jury questionnaire will be discussed.

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