Wesson Trial Delayed

ABC30.com/July 28, 2004

The man accused of Fresno's worst mass murder was in court this morning. Marcus Wesson's trial start date has been pushed back to September 14th.

Marcus Wesson has been clear throughout the case that he does not want to waive his right to a speedy trial.

Today, Marcus Wesson, his lawyers, and the prosecution agreed to push back the trial start date a couple of weeks. It was originally scheduled for August 31st, but is now scheduled for September 14th.

Defense attorney Pete Jones says Marcus Wesson's right to an effective counsel overrides his right to a speedy trial.

Jones told the judge he has serious investigation needs to be an effective lawyer. He also put the court on notice that he will try to push the trial back again, later in the case.

Some of Wesson's children were on hand, but did not want to talk with reporters after the hearing.

Today was the deadline for prosecutors to file a notice of aggravation - that's a notice for the court that the prosecution will seek the death penalty.

It also has been pushed back a couple of weeks, so we will not know if the prosecution plans to go for the death penalty until August 11th.

The judge also said he is tentatively going to bar cameras from the trial. He says he may allow cameras into the courtroom for the verdict, but right now it appears no cameras will be allowed for the trial.

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