Jurors Break Down in Wesson Trial

ABC News 30/March 16, 2005

Two members of the jury in Marcus Wesson's mass murder trial started crying today.

Prosecutors were questioning Wesson's niece, Ruby Ortiz. She told the jury that she witnessed Wesson abuse his son, Johnathan, when he was just months old and then again when he was more than three-years-old.

Two female members of the jury started crying as Ortiz described what she saw.

Ortiz then read poems from a book that she wrote for Marcus Wesson.

Wesson Cries During Testimony on Tuesday

Plenty of emotion Tuesday in the Marcus Wesson murder trial, much of it from the defendant himself.

What brought the man accused of nine murders, to tears?

Ruby Ortiz took the stand Tuesday and described the abuse and practices of her uncle and the father of her child who was one of the children who was murdered last year.

Marcus Wesson cried several times Tuesday as Ruby testified.

Ruby gave testimony of her when her relationship began with Marcus Wesson.

She also told the court of when he beat her when she tried to run away.

Wesson said the only way to God was through him.

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