Wesson Claimed to be Telepathic

ABC News 30/March 23, 2005

Prosecutors in the Marcus Wesson trial are using Wesson's own words to show his unusual behavior.

Everything Marcus Wesson said to his family during jailhouse visits has been taped. Marcus Wesson Jr. told the jury he visited Wesson Sr. about 25 times since his father's arrest.

He testified how his father claimed during jailhouse visits that Jesus spoke to him.

He says the elder Wesson claimed to be telepathic.

The younger Wesson testified he never questioned his father because he respected his way of thinking, even though he didn't always agree with him.

Marcus Wesson Jr. wrapped up his testimony this morning.

Today, Wesson's niece, Rosa Solorio is on the stand. Solorio's two children were killed on the day of the murders.

Solorio is answering questions today about the disagreement she had with her sister Sofina and her desire to get her son back and away from Marcus Wesson.

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