Crime Scene Described in Wesson Trial

ABC Action News/April 25, 2005

One of the detectives in charge of documenting the crime scene last March described in graphic detail how officers carefully unstacked the nine victims.

The jury didn't see any photographs of the children found in a back bedroom of the Hammond Avenue home, just the words from a police detective was enough.

The eight-year veteran police officer patiently described removing the nine bodies, one by one.

All but one victim had gunshot wounds to the right eye. The first victim, which was on top of the pile, was Sebhrenah Wesson.

Investigators found a semi-automatic handgun, spent shell casing and a knife underneath her body.

The defense claims she, not Marcus Wesson, carried out the murders.

The detective calmly held up his hands as he showed the jury how victim number six, a male dressed in a pair of overalls, had both of his hands over his eyes when they rolled him over.

It forced many of the jurors to look away.

The detective also recalled how victim number eight, a female, had her clothing soaked in blood.

The jury also listened to two recorded interviews that police conducted with Kiani Wesson.

Detective Doug Reece is heard asking her, "What do you think happened in that room?"

Kiani responded, "I think my Marcus shot them."

Reece asked, "Your dad, Marcus?"

Kiani answered, "Yeah. He was the only one in the room."

Her second interview was similar to her testimony on the stand, saying she didn't know who was responsible.

The jury was solemn as it studied more than 80 crime scene photos, including pictures of the victims.

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