Suma Ching Hai Visitor Comments

"I decided to check the web to see if there were any Contrary viewpoints about Suma Ching Hai. It wasn't until I visited your web site that I learned some of the more secular aspects of her work. While I can see she needs funds to help her organization, I'm not sure I agree with that merchandising is part of spiritual development. Maybe that's because I'm not enlightened. Thank you very much for offering a point of view that is sorely needed on the Web today. I think it is so easy to be misguided and unless one makes a conscious effort to seek all points of view, it is easy to go down a path blindfolded."

"I have read your articles with a great deal of interest regarding Suma Ching Hai. I have a co-worker who over the last six plus years has been involved with this group. The nonsense that she spreads to her disciples, which they peddle as gospel is manipulative and for me repulsive [sic]."

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