Expert: Cult Crimes Must Be Punished


Xinhua News Agency, November 5, 1999

It has been revealed that the Falun Gong group has aorganizational structure, with 39 centers, 1,900 coaching centers, and 28,000 practice sites across the country, controlling at one time over 2.1 million followers.

Since August, 1996, when it held its first illegal demonstration outside a national newspaper the Guangming Daily, Falun Gong has organized a total of 78 illegal demonstrations with at least 300 followers participating on each occasion.

"The April 25 siege of the Zhongnanhai government compound in Beijing has further exposed Falun Gong's motives that are against the Party and the government," Zhou said.

He believes the government should take resolute measures to outlaw cult organizations such as Falun Gong, and punish their crimes accordingly. To deal with illegal organizations, including cults, the country has already put in place a host of laws and regulations. The Decision on Outlawing Cults and Preventing and Punishing on Cult Activities adopted last week by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress provides a powerful legal weapon to fight against Falun Gong and other cults, Zhou added. The legal expert stressed that in fighting against the Falun Gong cult, all law enforcement departments should proceed from the principle of combining punishment with education.

The departments should strike hard at organizers, plotters and ringleaders, and investigate and prosecute their crimes according to law.

Meanwhile, more should be done to help those swindled by Li Hongzhi to see the true nature of Falun Gong, and to extricate them from the organization as soon as possible.

"In this way, the core members of the Falun Gong cult would be hit hard, their crimes punished and the country's social stability be maintained," Zhou said.


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