Chinese Religious Leaders Slam Falun Gong Cult

Xinhua News Agency, November 10, 1999

BEIJING (Nov. 10) XINHUA - Leaders of major Chinese religious groups have been hailing the government ban on Falun Gong and all agreed that cults must not be tolerated since they imperil the society.

Dao Shuren, vice-chairman of the Buddhist Association of China, called Falun Gong an evil cult from head to toe.

He pointed out that Falun Gong advocates worship of the cult leader, brainwashes followers, makes black money, organizes underground activities, and is severely harmful to the society.

Zhang Jiyu, vice chairman of the Taoist Association of China, echoed a recent People's Daily commentator's article, saying that the hidden intention of Li Hongzhi, the leader of Falun Gong, is to counter the government, the society, and the mankind.

All religious people in China are opposing Li and his Falun Gong cult, the Taoist leader stressed.

The absurd "theory" of Falun Gong has features contrary to science, mankind and the government, says Quexi, vice president of the China Advanced Institute of Tibetan Buddhism. Li Hongzhi and his aides are making every effort to manipulate Falun Gong practitioners and turn the cult into a national organization.

The Tibetan Buddhist leader termed Li Hongzhi's intentions extremely bad. All facts indicate that Falun Gong is a complete evil cult that is advocating an evil theory, taking an evil road, and gathering evil forces, noted Wan Yaobin, vice chairman of the Islamic Association of China

He pointed out that Li Hongzhi has fabricated Falun Gong by stealing some concepts from several religions and Qi Gong, a kind of deep-breathing exercise, which has posed an enormous threat to the society. This has exposed Falun Gong as a cult, he stressed.

Shi Zesheng, vice chairman of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee of Protestant Churches of China, excoriated Falun Gong's anti-government activities, including the siege around the government and Communist Party of China headquarters. Shi also blamed Falun Gong for the deaths of many of its followers and their relatives.

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