Researcher Refutes Pro-Falun Gong Article E


CNN News, May 11, 2000


BEIJING XINHUA - Xinhua today published an article refuting a lengthy pro-Falun Gong thesis which was published in a recent issue of a US-based Chinese-language newspaper, and signed "Some Falun Gong practitioners from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences."

Wang Yusheng, author of the Xinhua article titled "It Is Not Science But A Real Superstition," repudiated the pro-Falun Gong thesis, which was titled "It Is Not Superstition But A Broad And Intensive Science."

Wang pointed out in his article that there are many mistakes in the lengthy thesis, though it looks like an "academic paper." The thesis was published by "stealing the name of scientists" to fabricate a "scientific" basis for the cult, he noted.

Wang criticized the pro-Falun Gong thesis by using a large number of scientific facts and theories of modern sciences.

Wang said the thesis denies astronomy by advocating Li Hongzhi, the cult leader of Falun Gong, who boasts that he is the supreme master of the entire cosmos.

The Xinhua article also refuted Li Hongzhi for his claim that he is able to postpone the explosion of the Earth by 30 years. As it takes billions of years for celestial bodies to develop, Li was talking like an idiot, it said.

The article also refuted some ridiculous views held by Li Hongzhi on the "cosmic explosion" and evolutionism.

The thesis described Falun Gong as "scientific" but it could not give scientific reasons, according to Wang's article. He asked that if all paralyzed patients could recover through practicing Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi should have quit as a cult leader and opened a hospital specialized in treating the paralyzed.

More than 1,500 people have died practicing Falun Gong, which indicates the enormous harm of the cult, the article noted.

Wang criticized the thesis for its distortion of the development of science in ancient China and its support of Li's theory that people can become aware of the cosmos through practicing Falun Gong.

Cults are a new type of terrorism, and the most serious harm to people's political and spiritual rights, and is the most serious blasphemy to the civilization of mankind, Wang said.

He urged the mass media to make just decisions and never be used as a mouthpiece for cults.


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