Chinese FM Spokesman Slashes US Religion Report

China People Daily / September 6, 2000

China Wednesday expressed strong resentment and firm opposition to interference in its internal affairs by the United States under the pretext of religion.

When commenting on the so-called 2000 report on international religious freedom recently released by the US State Department, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Sun Yuxi said that such a report has made indiscreet and irresponsible remarks on the religious conditions of many other countries.

It also disregarded the fact that the Chinese government protects citizens' freedom of religion and belief as well as normal religious activities according to the law.

The report grossly interfered in China's internal affairs, and unreasonably attacked China's religious policies and freedom by fabricating and distorting facts, he said.

"China strongly resents and firmly opposes that, and urges the United States to immediately stop and correct its extremely erroneous acts," the spokesman said.

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