Chinese agency says Falun founder is a "big conspirator"

BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific - Political/July 20, 2001

Beijing -- The Falun Gong cult leader Li Hongzhi has projected his "saint-like" image, but he really is a big conspirator thanks to a recently discovered case involving a discarded body of a pious disciple.

An ailing Liu Renfang, a female follower peasant in southwest China's Sichuan Province, left her home late last year with several peers to "protect" Falun Gong doctrines and make trouble. They followed specific direction from the cult organization to get to Beijing and then hide in neighbouring Hebei Province.

The unfortunate disciple died of her illness when all others decided to leave for Tiananmen Square. Her fellow practitioners, in fear, contacted Li Hongzhi in the United States. Then the final instruction came sayings: "Do whatever you think proper but do not admit that the death had anything to do with Falun Gong in case police find out about it." The body was later thrown in a river in Beijing's Tongzhou District.

The whole process involving several rounds of talks between followers in Beijing and Li Hongzhi in the United States showed that the crime was organized and planned. The act of passing the responsibility and to concealing the truth fully displayed the evil nature of the cult. Li is a master at fraud and conspiring.

Although facing being denounced widely, the Falun Gong cult is not willing to retreat from the historic stage. Under the banner of human rights, they take any possible opportunity to make trouble, trying to stop the course of China's healthy economic development.

In fact, they have never stopped fighting against the law and the state as the irrefutable evidence said. The cult in nature is typical of being anti-humanity and anti-human rights. All in all, any person of benevolence should keep a cool head and continue to battle the cult, which otherwise is sure to harm the nation.

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