Li Hongzhi's "Life Origin" Theory Refuted

People's Daily, July 30, 1999

A commentary in Qiushi (Seeking Truth), China's leading and influential theoretical bimonthly, refutes the theory of life's origin preached by Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Gong, which was banned by China's central authorities this month.

Li cooked up a theory that men on Earth were stripped off from the universe, and that the Earth is the "trash bin" of the universe on which inferior people live.

This raises problems difficult for Li Hongzhi to answer. How , for example, did Li, who claims to be a "Buddha" with supernatural powers greater than Sakyamuni, come to be deposited on Earth and become garbage? the article asks.

The aim of Li Hongzhi's concocting of the "divinity-turned man" theory is to create a horrible future world. In this way, he can show off his ability to release people's souls from purgatory and hold up the throne as the "only savior of the world," the article says.

If people believe Li's fallacies, they are bound to be manipulated by Li, it adds.

Li, not satisfied with controlling Falun Gong members, harbors an evil motive. Falun Dafa, or Falun Gong, has a tight organization in many parts of China and instigated innocent people to illegally gather outside Party and government departments, putting pressure on the Party and the government.

Facts demonstrate that the current struggle against Falun Gong is a serious political and ideological struggle, the article notes.

The day when the broad masses of people find themselves in the right place in China's drive to build socialism with Chinese characteristics and hold the sway over their own destiny, all sorts of saviors will disappear from the scene.

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