Falun Gong, Falun Dafa: Visitor Comments

"My parents have been brainwashed and hurt by Falun Gong. My father has declined important medical treatment because of his beliefs and has suffered greatly. I have done my best to persuade him to seek medical help, but in response I have been called an 'evil person.' My parents believe illness is a test according Falun Gong dogma. Although my mother says that Master Li does not tell his practitioners, not to seek medical attention, it is clear that she believes in his supernatural protection abilities. Li claims that he personally installs revolving, non-material 'law wheels' in his practitioner's lower abdomens, which protect them from things that would hurt ordinary people. To accept the reality of a medical emergency, a Falun Gong practitioner must in a sense admit failure regarding their beliefs. When practitioners seek medical help they forfeit the opportunity to transform. As Li Hongzhi says, 'Taking medication during cultivation implies that you do not believe in the disease-curing effects of cultivation. If you believed in it, why would you take medication?' This has now become my family tragedy."

"I first thought that this practice was OK. After a couple of visits to the meditation group and also reading two books Li Hongzhi wrote I got this gut feeling that it was bull. There is nothing wrong with meditation, but just do not like what this guy preaches scary stuff--such as Li Hongzhi is supposedly the only master with authority and power, a practitioner does not have this power, but must go through Li Hongzhi to get it. Other areas of Falun Dafa are also problematic and deserve further study such as the division from and strong negative view of ordinary people and environment that seems to encourage abandoning professional medical care. No one in this group forced me to do anything--everyone was nice. But I hope that this stuff does not become big in America."

"Fa Lun Gong is shit [sic]. I have known a number of people who have suffered from it and on the verge of death. They follow the rule regarding the refusal of medical treatment and medicines. I just cannot imagine that people can be fooled to die by this. But China is still such a poor and developing country--it is understandable that Fa Lun Gong would find its root there. I have read many Fa Lun Gong books and found it to be bullshit [sic]."

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