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"Although nothing happened to my father, I am frightened by what could happen to other dads.
I went to counseling when I was in elementary school because I didn't get along well with my mom. I went to a counselor named 'Susie.' Please keep in mind that I was there for problems with my MOTHER and no other reason. During counseling 'Susie' wanted to speak to me alone. She began asking me questions about my father. I didn't understand why, because this was not the reason I was there. She persisted and began to ask detailed questions. I was asked if my dad had ever abused me, touched me, etc. The questions became vulgar. Even as an eleven-year-old, I did not understand why she was asking me these questions in the first place, let alone persisting--even after I told her my father had never hurt me. 'Susie' said, 'Sometimes we hide bad memories because they make us feel bad.' I felt like I had to please her because she was a professional who was there to 'help' me. Under her influence, I began to wonder if I was forgetting things, after all, she seemed to know. Thank God, my common sense prevailed. I knew I had never been abused and sensed something wrong with this woman trying to convince me otherwise. When I think of the other children she may have done this to it is heartbreaking. Somewhere, a child may be estranged from its family because 'Susie' convinced them they had memories of non-existent events. This needs to stop."

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