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"As a Christian I am concerned, I think the Church should denounce such spiritual quacks. I won't believe anyone has the gift of healing until I see them cure juvenile diabetes or male pattern baldness. Then, if they've really got the gift, I expect them to spend their time in the intensive care and chronic care units of the hospitals, and not on TV shilling for more money."

"I can't tell you how disgusted I was witnessing the fraudulent behavior of Benny Hinn. How can he make claims to actually visualize the dissipation of a brain tumor"?

"Benny Hinn is astonishing. He claims Jesus can cure alcoholism and drug addiction, but not over eating. So many of his faithful are obese. He even teases Steve Brock about his penchant for bad fast food. Hinn himself can never seem to get Jesus to cure his own speech impediment, though Jesus has apparently cured his hideous comb over hairstyle."

"Just wanted to thank you for your Web site. The more the truth about Benny Hinn gets out, the quicker he will disappear. It is truly sickening that people like him are still around, selling their snake oil and taking advantage of the poor, desperate and uneducated. He is an even bigger joke then other TV evangelists of the past. If he is so attuned to the spiritual world he would know that he is setting himself up for a huge fall. What goes around comes around Benny!"

"I was just watching Benny Hinn this evening on TBN and the thought occurred to me: Why does Hinn never put God on the spot by healing before our eyes? Instead, he has testimonials lined up, thoroughly screened I'm sure, who tell him that they have been healed. It seems a little like 'stacking the deck.' Also, one NEVER sees anything truly miraculous. That is, beyond the explanation of science and psychology; a growing hand, opened eyes, walking paraplegics, for example. I guess it is true that once one is given to credulity, all the evidence in the world to the contrary is of no avail."

"Thank you for posting information about Benny Hinn. I have seen him on TV many times, but never believed this guy. His way of preaching has little to do with our beloved Lord. People who truly serve the Lord never take a single penny and are more like that carpenter from Nazareth. Mr.Hinn should know that good works have value in the eyes of God, but not the fortune he has accumulated by preying on naive people."

"I suspected Benny Hinn when he appeared on talk T.V. shows, and also because he is such a showman. I personally attended one of his crusades. I saw children that looked like they were dying, but couldn't get to him. Benny Hinn is not giving hope to people, but destroying any hope that many had to start with. It's my opinion that people who use God to gain power, money, fame, fortune and have no interest in the souls of the people they minister to, will have to answer to the Savior one day."

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate your website. I have found that so many people have placed their faith in man rather then God. It is often sickening to watch their idol worship. I have a program on a Christian network and received a call from a lady that asked if I knew when Benny Hinn would be in the area because she believed "he could heal her." I explained that I was a true believer in the healing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, but we needed to place our trust in Him and not so much a mortal man . Would you believe that people were threatening me for weeks because I had blasphemed Benny?"

"I have attended three of Benny Hinn's crusades. I like most people was looking for a miracle from a gifted man of God. I believe that God does give gifts unto man and some are gifted with the gift of healing the physical and mental body. I did not see one person healed at any of these crusades. Some went forward and stated they were healed, but no physical evidence was seen. A pastor attending a Hinn meeting in Anaheim, California came by where I was sitting in my wheelchair and prayed for me and then said my diabetes was healed. However a blood test told me this was not true. I am still a brittle diabetic with severe complications."

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