Messiah Caught in Domain-Name Flap

Wired News/December 29, 1997
by Steve Silberman

Jews for Jesus, a missionary organization with members in 10 countries, has threatened to employ "all legal remedies available" against Steven Brodsky of Megahertz Communications for "misleading the public" by maintaining a Web page at that links to Outreach Judaism, a pro-Jewish site.

In its press release, the organization cited domain-name disputes involving McDonald's, MTV, and Levi-Strauss to back up its claim that Brodsky's site is "blatantly fraudulent and deceitful."

Brodsky, who is unaffiliated with Outreach Judaism, declared, "I have no intention of relinquishing the domain name without a fight."

Brodsky's site is comprised of just four lines of text presented under the title, "Anyone who saves a single Jewish soul is as if he saved an entire world." The page links to the Outreach Judaism site. That site, in turn, presents Biblical injunctions against "idolatry" and challenges teachers of Jewish students to ask themselves if their students might be "moved by the friendly approach of Christian missionaries" so much that they would convert to Christianity.

Brodsky said he was inspired to link to the Outreach Judaism page by the "excellent work" of the group's director, Rabbi Tovia Singer, who impersonates a member of Jews for Jesus in role-playing games presented at schools.

David Brickner, the executive director of Jews for Jesus, charged that Brodsky was "luring people to a Web site that is called Jews For Jesus when they are just the opposite, Jews Against Jesus." Brodsky responded that "the whole program [of Jews for Jesus] is based on deceit and trickery, preying on people who are confused. Two can play at that game."

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