Jehovah's Witness girl who fought transfusions gaining strength

CBC News/July 14, 2002

Calgary -- A Calgary teen with leukemia who fought for the right to refuse blood transfusions based on her religious beliefs says she feels more determined than ever to fight the disease.

Two weeks ago, the 16-year-old, known as Mia, doubted she would live more than two more days. But she says she's now a little stronger and doesn't want to give up. The girl was quoted on the weekend as saying her blood counts are going up and that she's feeling "a lot better." She left Alberta Children's Hospital on Friday afternoon.

Mia, a staunch Jehovah's Witness, says her fight with the Alberta government has strengthened her resolve to battle the leukemia.

From July 11, 2002: Top court refuses to hear dying teen's case

During her legal battle, which ended Thursday when the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear Mia's case, the teen was forced to undergo close to 40 blood transfusions.

Although the province legally maintains the right to continue ordering medical treatments, it stopped doing so in June.

The teen says she's more comfortable at home and is happy that she's no longer a ward of Alberta Child Welfare, which relinquished custody two weeks ago.

Mia was diagnosed with the rare form of cancer last February.

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