Missing girl needs blood

Edmonton Sun/May 2, 2005

Toronto -- Child-care workers are looking for a 14-year-old B.C. girl who needs blood transfusions as part of cancer treatment and is believed to be hiding among fellow Jehovah's Witnesses in Toronto.

The teen, whose identity is protected by a B.C. court order, was brought to Ontario by her parents after an April 11 court ruling said she couldn't refuse treatment despite her religious beliefs.

The girl and her family had been to Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, but were urged to return to B.C. to continue the prescribed care.

B.C. child-care workers are so concerned for the girl's safety, they will head to Ontario's Supreme Court tomorrow to appeal the family's decision.

"Life and safety is at stake here and we need to make sure that she is going to be safe," Theresa Lumsdon of the B.C. Ministry of Children told CTV.

The girl's doctors have said she requires blood transfusions as part of her cancer treatment, but the girl and her parents have argued the transfusions would be a "violation of the biblical command to abstain from blood."

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