Nemesis twins excommunicated by Jehovah's Witnesses

The Advocate/December 22, 2006

Jacob and Joshua Miller of the band Nemesis Rising have been officially shunned by their church, the Jehovah's Witnesses, and they released a statement Thursday in response.

According to the statement, a Jehovah's Witnesses meeting took place in the Millers' hometown of Kalispell, Mont., where it was announced that they had been "disfellowshipped," or excommunicated, because of their homosexuality and their show on Logo, Jacob & Joshua: Nemesis Rising.

To be disfellowshipped is to limit one or cut one off from all contact with any Jehovah's Witnesses, including family members. While the twins are no longer practicing the religion, they said that they are willing to stay in contact with anyone who is willing to speak with them

"We find it ironic that a religion whose members are asked to knock on the doors of strangers with a message of acceptance into paradise on Earth will not accept two of its own children for who they really are," they wrote in the statement. "Our wish for them is one of tolerance and understanding, and we send to all of them a message of peace and love."

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