Jehovah blood death inquest

The Sun, UK/April 8, 2008

A three day inquest is due to start into the death of a Jehovah's Witness mum who died after she refused a blood transfusion following the birth of twins.

Shopgirl Emma Gough, 22, from Telford in Shropshire, had signed a form saying her faith forbade a transfusion shortly after going into labour last October at the Royal Hospital in Shrewsbury.

The twins - a boy and a girl - were born healthy and Emma was able to hold and bond with them.

But complications set in and she suffered massive blood loss.

Medics asked central heating engineer husband Anthony, 24, to allow her to have a blood transfusion but as their faith forbade it, Emma tragically died.

At the time, shattered Anthony said: "It's difficult for everyone. We are coping the best we can."

Anthony and Emma's parents Glenda and Jim Delaney, also Witnesses and present at the birth, are expected to give evidence.

They claim hospital blunders killed Emma, saying maternity ward staff could not operate a dialysis machine that could have recycled the young mum's own blood and saved her life.

And they say nurses were looking up instructions on the internet as Emma slipped into a coma.

The family are hoping the inquest verdict will pave the way for a massive compensation claim against the hospital trust.

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