Jehovah's Witness in Iceland Accused of Sex Offenses

Iceland Review Online/November 9, 2010

Women who have been members of Jehovah's Witness in Iceland claim that sexual and domestic violence is practiced within the congregation and that such offenses are hushed up.

Svanberg Jakobsson, spokesperson for Jehovah's Witness in Iceland, confirmed to that suspicion of such offenses have surfaced within the congregation but denied that they are hushed up.

Jakobsson stated that cases of alleged offenses are investigated within the congregation and if there is reason to do so, they are reported to the police. One case of sexual abuse has been reported to the police by the congregation, he said.

On Sunday a young woman declared on the news on RÚV that she had fled the congregation after realizing that sex offenses were being covered up.

RÚV is aware of some of Jehovah's Witness's former and current members having sought professional help after suffering sexual abuse within the congregation.

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