Haredim stone police in Jerusalem

Orthodox demonstrators hurl stones, torch garbage dumpsters to protest parking lot opening on Shabbat

Y Net News, Israel/December 19, 2009

Violence in capital: Dozens of ultra-Orthodox protestors demonstrated in Jerusalem Saturday to protest the opening of the Karta parking lot on Shabbat.

As opposed to recent rallies that remained largely orderly, protestors hurled stones at police vehicles stationed on Jerusalem's Shivtei Israel Street; no injuries were reported in the violence but there was some damage.

The demonstrators also torched several garbage dumpsters, but security forces deployed at the scene were able to keep the road open.

Meanwhile, one haredi demonstrator was held for question after he attempted to assault a police officer keeping the peace.

Hundreds of protestors have been rallying at the corner of Shivtei Israel and HaNevi'im Streets almost weekly in recent months to protest Shabbat desecration. However, in previous rallies the Orthodox made do with chanting various slogans and hurling insults at police, referring to them as "Nazis."

Last week, protestors demonstrated outside the Intel plant too in order to express their displeasure with work performed at the facility on the Shabbat.

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