Kosher version of Youtube hits Web

Site aimed at ultra-Orthodox sector offers strictly kosher content. 'It's exactly like Youtube, but without pictures of women,' says creator

Ynet, Israel/January 29, 2011

Despite the sweeping rabbinical ban on the Internet, haredi use of the web is widespread. A new website offers the ultra-orthodox sector an alternative to the inappropriate content out there: Glatube.

The video sharing site is strictly kosher. Rihanna won't make it there, and neither will rapper Subliminal or singer Sarit Hadad.

"It's exactly like Youtube, with one exception: No promiscuity," said Sharon Bokobza, the site's creator and a student at the Breslov yeshiva Shuvu Banim. "Glatube is aimed at those who are becoming religious and want to listen to music, but are not interested in the promiscuity that is found on the Internet."

More than 1,000 video clips have been uploaded to the site, and more than a hundred surfers upload more videos continually. Each clip is first inspected by a team of 'kashrut supervisors' that makes sure that it does not include unsuitable content like sex or violence.

"We don't have strict rules like Amnon Yitzhak. Any video can uploaded with us, except if it's promiscuous," Bokobza said.

His definition of permissive content? "A clip that contains pictures of women will not be uploaded," Bokobza explains. "The singing of women is also out of bounds."

A visit to the site yields Israeli folk music, Torah lessons and the video of a cat playing a piano.

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