Scientology plans $40 million campaign in Germany

ZDF-Magazin Kennzeichen D (Mainz, Germany), March 17, 1999

Information released by the Federal Office of Constitutional Security indicates that the Scientology Church is planning a new campaign against critics in Germany in the amount of $40 million. President of the agency, Peter Frisch, told ZDF magazine "Kennzeichen D" that American officials would also support Scientology in Germany. "I regret that to an exceptional degree," stated the agency president.

In his release, Frisch emphasized the anti-constitutional endeavors of the Scientologists, "Scientology wants to build a new civilization in which basic rights, as provided for by our fundamental, liberal democratic order, would not be valid.

This assessment is supported by the statements of a former Scientologist who reported to "Kennzeichen D" on his operations for the sect's private secret service. That is the first time a former member has verified the operational methods of such an establishment in Germany. "There were neighbors questioned to find out negative things; trash cans were rummaged through in order to find incriminating material from people's private lives; artificial critics were established who, in reality, were from Scientology," the former member included in his report.

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