Former anti-Scientology crusader sues one-time associate

November 16, 2002
By Rick Ross

Former anti-Scientology crusader Robert S. Minton spent more than $2 million to make an independent movie titled "The Profit." The film was a thinly disguised critique of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Now Minton wants to see the books for the film project.

The former investment banker turned crusader, now cooperating witness for Scientology filed a lawsuit against his one time friend, writer and film director Peter Alexander.

The lawsuit was filed in in Florida and claims that Alexander had a contract, which allows his partner to review any accounting. Minton's attorney says Alexander has not allowed his client to see the books thus far.

Alexander's attorney said Minton is essentially attacking Alexander as a surrogate for Scientology.

A Scientology spokesman said, "The church has no involvement in this matter whatsoever."

Scientology lawyers were barred by a Pinellas judge from seeking information about the film. And according to Alexander's lawyer Minton never expressed an interest in the financial details until after he began cooperating with Scientology.

Minton claims he wants to know if any of his money was misappropriated and what funds if any remain. If any cash is left he wants it back, his lawyer said.

Note: This article is largely based upon "Scientology critic sues over movie" St. Petersburg Times/November 9, 2002 By William R. Levesque

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